A dental extraction is when the tooth needs to be removed. This is often do to decay, disease, or trauma. A dental extraction is almost always less money than a root canal, crown, or dental implant. Once a tooth is extracted or pulled, the only way to replace the tooth would be to obtain a dental implant.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Tooth Extracted?

Type of Extraction Retail Cost 
Simple extraction$245
Surgical extraction of erupted tooth$380
Removal of impacted tooth – soft tissue$420
Removal of partially bony impacted tooth$540

The chart above is national averages. The cost can vary from dentist to dentist. It is important to know that often time several teeth can be removed in one appointment. For example, a person with two impacted wisdom teeth may pay around $840.00. A person with Dental Insurance through this site would pay a fraction of that cost…..