Get Next Day Dental Coverage On:

Implants, Crowns, Root Canals, Fillings, Extractions,

Bridgework, and More!

100% Preventive Coverage:

Cleanings – two per a year

X-rays and Exams

Ask about adding Vision Coverage

Important reasons to choose No Waiting Period Dental Insurance:

  • No Hidden Dental Application Fees
  • Lowest Dental Rates in United States.
  • Immediate Approval, start date 1st of the month.
  • Thousands of Dentist to choose from.
  • Real Dental Insurance, Not a discount plan.
  • Rates from $20-$55 per a month.

Check for dental rates online or call  and speak with a dental insurance specialist, 877-991-4249.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Insurance Without Waiting Periods

Below are the most frequently asked questions clients ask of us before ernolling in a plan. Keep in mind it only takes a few minutes with an agent to get these questions answered. State laws are very specific, so each state can have different benefits.

What is a PPO network?

A PPO Network is a listing of dentists who accept a plan. Since these dentists accept the plan they agree to LOWER rates. Example, a dentist may charge $1450 for a Crown at a retail rate. However, the PPO rate may only be $900. Then the policy may pay 50%. In this example the insured would only pay $450 insteand of $1450. This would be a $1,000 savings.

Is there a price difference for Seniors?

On many plans the senior rate (65 and over) is MORE than the under 65 rate. This is due to extremely high usage on the 65+ Americans. In 2018 the average 65+ American spent $1700 on dental care. The dental industry is a $1 Billion dollar in the United States.

Hot Tip: Call 877-991-4249 and let our senior dental agent assist you in saving money as some plans do not rate higher for senior coverage….

Is there really no waiting period?

True! There really is not a waiting period! However, certain plans cover more than others. It does take a few days to process a new application and mail your insurance cards, but once your policy is effective there are no waiting periods for services on many plans offered.

Is enrolling done all online?

Yes , once the correct dental policiy is found, you receive a dedicated link to enroll in coverage. Payment is monthly via Credit Card or directly withdrawn from you bank account. Direct Bill is not an option any longer with any dental insurance companies.

Is this available for group dental insurance too?

We do have group dental insurance plans available for businesses, sometimes the cost point is lower to simply buy individual coverage, but it depends how many employees need coverage.

Is their an application fee?

We proudly have no application fees. A general piece of advice is to stay away from application fees. Dental polciies shouldn’t have application fees.

How do I get the best coverage available?

The dental insurance is a larger industry than the consumer realizes. We work with dozens of companies in each state and each state has it’s own laws. Shopping online for dental insurance is not an effective way to spend your time. You need to speak with a trained expert with years of experience to show you the best plan for you exact situation.

Key points we consider….

  • Choose Your Own Dentist Option vs Any Dentists
  • Implants and Major Services Covered
  • Child Orthodontia Include or exclude
  • Group or Non-Group Coverage
  • No Waiting Periods for All Dental Services or Not
  • Optional Vision Coverage
  • Plan Value vs Cost